Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Factory

A UE friend, BOX, lead me to this location in the middle of the normal semi-urban sprawl of Atlanta, past various other factories, down a set of active train tracks. Upon arrival, I was amazed that something so vast could be left abandoned for years in the middle of such an actively industrial area. I spent most of my time just wandering around exploring, and neglected to get many photos. I plan to go back in the next week or two and get more.

This place is going to need a LOT more than just that vacuum...
In this blog, hopefully in the near future you will find my Urban Exploration of Atlanta adventures. My group makes it a point to leave every place in the same or better condition as when we left it, and purely wish to document and explore these locations.

Legal Disclaimer: Please note your local laws on the exploration of abandoned buildings. The owners of this blog in no way condone, support, or encourage violating any laws.